Looking for the best way to grow your business through increased awareness on your social media platforms? Are you interested in word for mouth marketing from your patrons?

No marketing is more powerful than the Word Of Mouth from your current patrons. How do you get your patrons to speak positive or good things, as well as promote you on their social media? Remember, social media is one of the most powerful marketing platforms out there today!

Your answer lies with us! Let us introduce you to The Live Instaprinter!

What do you have to do?

  1. Install “The Live Instaprinter” in your shop or restaurant.
  2. Create an interesting or unique marketing #hashtag code.
  3. Let us create a customised border that suits your objective.
  4. Let it roll!

How does it work?  (Customer’s perspective)

  1. Post a photo on Instagram
  2. Include the given #hashtag on their captions
  3. Ta-da! They will get an actual print out of their photographs by simply using the hashtag.

Benefits of having “The Live Instaprinter”

  1. Gain social media awareness & word of mouth
  2. Increase customers’ experience
  3. Collaborate with discount/freebies/re-visit strategy